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Are you searching for specific information on an active case or wanting copies from an old storage case, but don’t have enough time to figure where and when to go? Do you need to obtain a copy of a fictitious business statement or a copy of a deed and need it now? Please let bayshore research & retrieval have the opportunity to help you save your time, money and ease your stress. Our team offers the following services:

County Recorder Research : Tax Liens, Judgment liens, Ucc’s, Deed’s, Mortgages, Fictitious Business Statements, Informational copies of Death and Marriage Certificates……

Court Research : Criminal, Civil, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims….

Document Retrievals: From any Courthouse or County recorders

Recordings : Any type of document(s)

Filings: Fictitious Business Name filings or any court filings…..

We are skilled in finding and acquiring criminal, civil, and county recordings. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, get in touch with us. We serve clients in California Counties, including:

Contra Costa

San Mateo

Santa Clara